Securing a good breastfeeding latch

Dr. Laurie Jones


Learning the art of the latch can take time and patience. It’s a partnered dance you’re doing with a brand-new partner! Follow these steps to help your baby latch properly:


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Establishing breastfeeding

If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, there are a few tips and tools that can help you establish a good routine.

The mechanics of breastfeeding

Knowing how your and your baby's bodies innately work together can provide foundational guide posts as you find your rhythm.


Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t mean that it always comes naturally. Sometimes it can be challenging, but here’s the scoop on the basics of feeding, common conditions, and tips and tricks for success.

Breast care and feeding


Breastfeeding positionsBreastfeeding positions
Checklist to help your supplyChecklist to help your supply